How deeply do you live your magic?

If you ever love somebody you will never love the logic you will only love the magic. – Dhyan Vimal


Have you ever tasted honey on someone’s breath, right before you kissed them? Or, after a spring shower, noticed that the rain left its clean perfume on everything around you? Have you ever caught the scent of the ocean on an oyster, just before you let it slide down your throat?

 Did you ever get lost in a tender snowstorm, where the world turned all white and you didn’t know which way was up and which was down, but it didn’t matter, you just surrendered and let yourself float in a pure white space?

 Did you ever experience weather so hot and humid you didn’t feel the difference between your body’s limits and the air around you, as if the skin barrier dissolved and the world became a womb, carrying you?

 Have you ever truly gazed into another person’s eyes, seeing inside of them, until suddenly you find something else entirely: yourself and the place we all come from?

 Have you ever had sex so intense, you didn’t know who you were anymore because you melted into this union and there was no separation left? Have you ever wept upon hearing music?

 This is Elixir, the nectar of life. It is what percolates through our daily activities, small intimations for us to notice, if we choose to listen and watch closely. It’s our pathway to divinity, like ambrosia to the gods.


We are Elixir, and so are you. It’s a community where magic lives and sexuality, all aspects of it, is a guiding principle. Elixir is a playground, a dance floor and a sparring ring for a wide array of views. A breeding ground for growth, opening up and freedom from social conditioning.

Elixir is not about difference, it’s about variety. Our goal is to feed your brain, your heart and your sensory apparatus, in a place without division, without segregation, only endless variations upon a theme: humanity. We welcome you the way you are, and the way you want to be.

Elixir invites you to explore every aspect of your humanity, without shame or guilt. Getting in touch with yourself and others can only go deep in a safe environment and that’s exactly what we offer.


Our opening ceremony will only be the beginning of something that can be called a movement. It will be a celebration, a party that is so much more than just a party: it will be an experience, a story. The fairytale of your life. 

We intend to have plenty of that kind of parties, safe havens where you can let go of your inhibitions and open up, plug into the creation we’re all connected to, but have forgotten. We are here to remind you.

This openness can take you higher than any drug, and it will linger inside you. Getting drunk on alcohol may fog your brain, drinking Elixir will enlighten it. Instead of a hangover, you will have an opening experience that stays in your heart. You might get lost, but you’ll remember.

In addition to these crazy and open-minded parties, Elixir wants to be a place to examine life’s questions, by organizing workshops, seminars and lectures held by people who can help us explore truths and open up new paths. The heart and mind are not opposites, but rather two sides of the same coin. They are supposed to work together, not be polarized, as our current society loves to do. Like strength and vulnerability, they go hand in hand: qualities that reinforce each other.

At our parties, as in our different workshops, we invite you to enjoy the body you have been given. We are not only our bodies and need not be restricted by them. But we may care for them, and use them to explore, as they are wonderful instruments endowed with the most mind-blowing sensations. If you know how to find them.


There is no membership for Elixir, no commission, and no test you need to take.

We are a group of people that have decided to create a community in which to support each other by sharing our gifts, and create something that’s bigger than the sum of its parts.

Everyone has a gift, and we ask you to bring yours.

We do ask you to participate, to surrender to what is. That means opening up and coming as you are, no shield or mask, bringing your love. This is the state that will allow you to feel the joy of being alive to the fullest.

Like the ‘Drink Me’ potion that enabled Alice to see and explore, Elixir is the magic essence of life. We invite you to experience this magical mix of our collected gifts and become aware of what lies beyond.

The Elixir of celebration starts in









Dhyan Vimal

“I’ve seen corporations when that energy is alive, magical things happen, they don’t hit the goal they go beyond.  Things happen they never thought is possible, there is no more box, its like a festival. Its like an incredible festival and some of the most beautiful things are birthed through that. We have missed our magic, we have been reduced to logic. I’m not saying logic is not needed, but logic must not kill magic. There is a magic in being you and me sir, and that is the magic that is needed. I pose another question to you – how deeply do you live in your magic?”

What is a friend to you?

Have you ever had an experience where you could just open up completely with someone, with no fear that what comes out makes sense or not, that you could just let go and really be yourself? This is quite a beautiful thing to find, a place where people speak openly and without trying to give what they think that everyone else wants to hear.

Well what would it be like if everyone around you is connecting in this way, honestly, openly and with integrity? Where everyone can let their inspiration shine through unfiltered, and the people that are needed to realise a project seem to be where they need to be, when they’re needed? Lets find out.